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poem-when July 31, 2014

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It was a moment,

a frozen smile

caught forever.

A photograph

recording you

as I longed for

you to be.

A moment when

happiness pushed

away illness and


all our dreams


20 Responses to “poem-when”

  1. Renard Moreau Says:

    [ Smiles ] Oh, this is a very nice poem!

  2. So very sweet Shawn…a good reminder
    of the photographs of our minds. :0) Marie

  3. Shawn, your poem is so beautifully wonderful…its magical and a joy to embrace and humbly read! It brought several smiles to life on my face as I read it a few times! Blessings!

  4. Your poem was beautiful and painful all in one

  5. Bittersweet. It makes me feel very nostalgic. This is a lovely poem.

  6. Leroy Says:

    nice one Shawn

  7. Mark Says:

    Love this one Shawn, beautiful flow!

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