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poem-spring melt March 9, 2014

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The snow is melting!

I hear water tumbling like a waterfall

dripping into pool.

Cascading down my window blinds

puddling inside my door.

The snow is melting!

and I need a new roof.





15 Responses to “poem-spring melt”

  1. redgladiola Says:

    I think we’re all delighted with you that winter is finally thawing. Nice work!

  2. nearlywes Says:

    I can’t wait till all of this silly snow goes away and reveals everything that I love about spring.

  3. Y. Prior Says:

    love the humor at the end – need a new roof! lol 😉
    and the “through the blinds” photo was nice – like looking out as spring arrives….

  4. JustDeb Says:

    We awoke to the same thing, Shawn. But our melt goes from roof, through attic and pools black on a window sill. Yours is much prettier than ours.

  5. I know it’s not funny, but this made me smile! I hope all dries out soon! 🙂

  6. And I need a new roof … I love that!!
    The “unleakable” roof is what I pray for
    I am seeing a lot of images in my head with the new roof (Metaphor)
    Thanks for sharing…It’s always an honor to have you stop by at Gravity
    of Grace. You are my inspiration as I walk on the path of poetry
    Still learning, as a rookie ( 2 Months in poetry)
    Peace and love!!

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