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November 4, 2013

Filed under: Monday Meme,Poetry,Writing — Shawn L. Bird @ 4:44 pm

Here is a photo meme for you!

“secret place”

This photo was taken at the top of Fish Creek Park (by Parkland subdivision) in Calgary,


 Your assignment:

1. create a poem, story, or article based on this photo.

2. Post it on your blog.

3. Cut and paste the photo onto your post (leaving the Monday Meme text).

4. Put a link to your post in the comments to this post below so we can visit your blog.

I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!  (I will leave a comment on your blog post itself, rather than posting in response to your link here).




7 Responses to “”

  1. rhyiagibbons Says: This own has made me think a little more emotional. This is the magic I came up with, I hope you like it.

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    I’ve never tried this before, but here goes:

  3. cepcarol Says:

    Enjoyed writing for this. Thank you. Carol.

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