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poem- kill the critic October 29, 2013

Kill the critic:

let him drown in the

flow of your words.

Kill the critic:

let him sear in the

molten eruption

from the core of you.

Kill the critic:

let him smother

gasping against the tide

of your creativity,

.grasping at the emptiness

that was your insecurities.

Kill the critic:

be free.



NB: I do not advocate murder of anything but the inner voice that tells you that you’re inadequate.  Your inner critic has no business in your writing head-space.   You can’t edit a blank page.


19 Responses to “poem- kill the critic”

  1. Michael56j Says:

    Especially the internal critic 🙂

  2. john Says:

    I hate to be a critic (especially now) but I think you meant ‘sear’ not ‘seer’. For my part, I often use ‘sere’ but no one even knows what that one means. 😉

  3. wyldwiccan Says:

    Reblogged this on Wyldwiccan's Blog and commented:

    To all critics. The ones who criticize my writing, and the ones who criticize my life

  4. deanabo Says:

    Very well said!

  5. Way Words by Sterling Says:

    I believe we can all engender this notion…

  6. I was going to say the same thing as Michael! We are unfortunately often our own worst critics!

    • It frustrates me to hear people say “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough.” If you don’t trust that the words come for their own reasons and their value is in what they do for you, not in if they meet anyone else’s expectations. Letting go of that inner critic and embracing your expression is soul enhancing. Of course it’s likely to be crap, but it’s YOUR crap, and the more you exude, the better it will be, particularly if you’re reading lots of other talented poets and writers.

  7. I loved this poem 🙂

  8. waraichruab Says:

    I will never kill my critics but I’ll always fight them (including my internal one). Criticism helps me grow and improve. I try my best to not let the critics surpass my true self and at the same time I let them live.
    Nice poem.

  9. xoxosanaz90210 Says:

    You can be your own best or worst critic. I look at it the other way round. You need that internal critic. Well at least I do. It helps me motivate myself, correct and encourage and improve my work and self. For me it is: don’t kill it but nurture it and let it in turn nurture you.

    • Nope. Death to the critic. I meet literally hundreds of people who can’t produce because they’re afraid that their work won’t be perfect, that they don’t have anything to say, that the sentence must be sculpted before they move on… Hardly anyone can just sit and write, and worry about engaging the critic later, when he might be of some use. So, I say, KILL THE CRITIC! Get that draft written! Participate in NaNoWriMo. Spit out those words!

  10. Paul Nichol Says:

    What have I been missing, time for me to hit the ‘follow’ tab. Great poetry.

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