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overflowing July 10, 2013

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Words overflowingliving room writing zone stacks



Words for research

for inspiration

for entertainment.

3 keyboards

for composing,

at desk,

on the couch,

in the bath


Words overflowing

like water.


I need

more book shelves.





You know, I think there are probably over 100 books in the area shown in this shot?  Wild.  This is my writing zone.  Theoretically, I sit at the desk, but usually I am lying on the couch.  Theoretically, I use the ergonomic keyboard, but usually I just use the mini-keyboard on the notebook computer, which is probably not good for hand health.  One of my favourite places to write is (seriously) the bath tub.  Why I can focus so well there, I have no idea.  Computer well away from water, waterproof keyboard on my knees, I don’t have to see what I type, and I get huge chunks of story.  

Where do you write?

The writing zone…

37 Responses to “overflowing”

  1. iWriter Says:

    that is awesome! I have over a hundred books also and many of them are tucked away in boxes since my return to Miami from Jacksonville – this absolutely kills me and leaves me feeling claustrophobic (needed help spelling that word). I write anywhere, everywhere…sometimes at 3-4-5 am when an idea hits me. I force myself out of bed to write it down. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • There’s a hundred here. That’s just the tip of the iceberg… There are also shelves in each of two bedrooms, (one recently collapsed from the weight of its books, and so they’re all over the bed waiting re-installation) plus there are shelves in laundry room, family room, and my actual office (ech hem) has seven or eight floor to ceiling bookshelves in it with books double stacked vertically on each shelf. In the garage there are two boxes of ‘class room library’ books I make available to my students. Everywhere books are loaded to overflowing… I would guess there are easily a couple of thousand books in the house, not including those on our e-readers.

      English teacher. Writer. I was doomed.

      • iWriter Says:

        Lol! That’s awesome. I’m an English teacher too, but I don’t have class sets here…yet. You know, the way things are going, one day we may collaborate our goods in a “vintage” bookstore where printed books are a rare novelty!


      • Since I never know where I’m teaching from year to year (or even semester to semester!) I have to keep my books for kids at home, and cart them to the new school when I get the posting.

      • iWriter Says:

        That’s pretty much the same way here. But I look for online content like “no fear Shakespeare” and have students read from the smart board.

      • I will investigate No Fear Shakespeare! I have never had a Smartboard, but I did have a wonderful document camera this year. 🙂 Having a computer and projector is pretty great by itself!

      • iWriter Says:


  2. theINFP Says:

    It looks tidy 🙂

  3. Elia Bintang Says:

    I can write anywhere as long as it’s silent. So, most of the time, I write at my desk in my bedroom. 😛

    • Interesting. I actually prefer noise. I find tuning out the voices (TV, etc) allows me to focus more clearly. I find this for falling asleep too. Though tuning out hubby’s snoring is much more challenging… 😉

  4. fibee5 Says:

    Wow I love your writing zone. I didn’t know you could get waterproof keyboards! I simply write in the living room 🙂

  5. totalovrdose Says:

    Smart poem ma’am! As for me, I write on my laptop, at my desk, in my room. I used to think this was the stereotypical place where Homo Sapiens conducted their writing – apparently I have a lot to learn… very interesting to learn about how you orchestrate your creativity ma’am! 😀

    • I imagine that if I could have my desk at a window, I’d be able to stare out- blindly-at the lake while my fingers worked on their own. (Which I did while outside Starbucks the other day, and disconcerted a few people who thought I was staring at them…) Touch typing does give one some advantage. 😉

  6. Bastet Says:

    Well….I’ve never thought of writing in the bathtub…but then I shower 🙂 I usually write at my desk…but sometimes, like now, I sit in my Ikea easy chair and write on my mini net book…

  7. …perhaps there you bare more than your body?

  8. hehe! 🙂 Nice way to end it 🙂

  9. Ellespeth Says:

    Oh my. That was me in a past life! Divorced, purged; moved West, purged; remarried, purged; bought a condo, purged. I think, between us we now have about 300 books. Hmmm…that’s still sounding awful! I have a study. It gets lonely in there so I write in a small ‘my space’ in the living room with 4 free flying parakeets and a husband. It’s quite refreshing! Liked the poem 🙂

  10. words4jp Says:

    In the shower and driving to and from work. I obviously save the pen to paper moment for when I am out of the shower and at stop lights;)

    • I have purchased voice recognition software with the goal of writing on a 90 min commute back and forth for my Masters in the fall. It will be 6 hours of highway driving every week, so it’d be very nice to be able to multi-task! However, having the program actually identify the correct words, and finding a microphone that works with my computer are proving difficult. I drive a diesel Bug, so it’s not exactly quiet inside at highway speed… Still working on making this viable!

  11. Says:

    I didn’t believe it myself – my poem from yesterday, “So Generous Is Your Heart”, overtook me while cleaning my toilet…! A Tribute to those I follow…

  12. edgarone2 Says:

    How true. yours is tidy and compact.
    I’ve books scattered everywhere.

  13. Wow, I never thought of using a waterproof keyboard in the tub! One in the shower could work as well, since most of my ideas sprout from deeply thinking in there, but I don’t know.
    Since my apartment is small, I write in the comfort of my desk in the living room. It’s nothing special, but it works.

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