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overflowing July 10, 2013

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Words overflowingliving room writing zone stacks



Words for research

for inspiration

for entertainment.

3 keyboards

for composing,

at desk,

on the couch,

in the bath


Words overflowing

like water.


I need

more book shelves.





You know, I think there are probably over 100 books in the area shown in this shot?  Wild.  This is my writing zone.  Theoretically, I sit at the desk, but usually I am lying on the couch.  Theoretically, I use the ergonomic keyboard, but usually I just use the mini-keyboard on the notebook computer, which is probably not good for hand health.  One of my favourite places to write is (seriously) the bath tub.  Why I can focus so well there, I have no idea.  Computer well away from water, waterproof keyboard on my knees, I don’t have to see what I type, and I get huge chunks of story.  

Where do you write?

The writing zone…

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