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birthday thoughts July 6, 2013

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Today I am half my father’s age.

We creep toward century and half century

No one believes either of us.

Thanks for those genes.

My body is rebelling

against my good nature.

There is a pain in my foot

new since yesterday.

I have no tolerance

for such nonsense.

Beautiful shoes

are essential to life!

Fighting the act of

stubborn hormonal

belly fat with half rations and

gym trips.  Getting stronger

but the scale remains


A celebration

is in order.

There are no

crinkles or wrinkles yet.

If my hair is grey,

it’s also blue, fuchsia,

and purple.

The nose I hate

sports a jewel.

Celebrate what you dislike,

turn it around.

Find diamond in coal.

Time to photograph

the evidence.

This is me.

Last year before

a half century pivots.

Dad’s second half was better

than the first.

All I dreamed is coming true.

My second half century

will be euphoric!



I have a photo shoot arranged for today for some new author photos.  I’ll post the results when they’re in.

July 13- click MEDIA KIT and ABOUT SHAWN for some of the shots.  A very talented photographer!


45 Responses to “birthday thoughts”

  1. tjtherien Says:

    Happy Yappy

  2. NigelG Says:

    Happy Birthday! There’s usually an upside to everything – even getting older. When I find out what it is I’ll let you know. Enjoyed your birthday poem.

  3. jdsfiction Says:

    I hit the half-my-parents age years ago. Both Mom and Dad were born the same year, just months apart. I hit 21 they both hit 42 that year. I made so many Douglas Adams jokes about their age.
    Happy Birthday (unless it’s not your B-Day and just a great poem). In that case a Very Merry Un-Birthday to you! 🙂

    • It is indeed my birthday, and I was born when my father was wrapping up being 49. Since I was little he’d say, “Someday I won’t be around! But he was always fit and healthy. He’s still sharp and mobile at 98! No one believes his age.

  4. Greg Loon Says:

    I love your writing 🙂

  5. Noora Says:

    Happy Birthday, Shawn!! 🙂

  6. Happy birthday! I like your nose!

  7. eacieri Says:

    You are an inspiration. Happy birthday!

  8. quarksire Says:

    Happy Birthday Shawn; yep so true also…even if u don;t like ur nose?.da werld knows! ur nose has a good taste fer gewd vibes,,,very kewl ps; Whats hair without flair anyhow?,,,,flitterin’ in da’ wind…:)……..Would love to live to be 100 like ur pops but know i won’t, is very kewl hes still goin well, ur genes,,,yep u will be a happy grey haired ol lady one day,,,i do so hope:) peace out take care & tanks fer ur wise woman support towards me here…have a SPLENDID DAY & EVE!…..Q

  9. Morgan Says:

    Have a wonderful day…and dont worry about the calendar. You are only as “old” as you are young 😉

  10. Catherine Says:

    Happy birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday! May this be the dawning of your best year yet.

  12. Seb Says:

    There’s a cool sense of triumph in this!

  13. Happy Birthday, yes that half century mark is a pivotal point. More good days to come.

  14. j4n Says:

    Happy Birthday! This one is not as difficult as forty, is it? Many more!

  15. “Celebrate what you dislike”! That’s brilliant! Post-op I was feeling very down, especially when an older friend dropped by (botoxed and colour-curled and off to the races in a designer gown) and I let it get to me. Then I got my hair cut and it’s a bit on the short side – I’m not fond of my ears! But I’m not putting on a balaclava – I’m wearing my favourite earrings instead. Thanks for a great post. Lynn

    • You rock those earrings! 🙂

      I gained 20 lbs this year, and I am not getting along with my body. So- photo shoot! Let’s see it turned into something beautiful, and when the weight goes, then I’ll have another one (with hubby in his kilt) and then look out! lol

  16. Happy Birthday Moon Child

  17. Great celebratory poem! It is a time to embrace all that we are. … I just entered the second half (allowing for the fact that I might reach 100) and am looking forward to the next few years being my best. … Re weight gain. I have been working with a naturopath and hormone therapist and this has made all the difference. Lost all the weight, eat less anyway and don’t have to pound away at the gym. It’s all about balancing the hormones which is entirely possible under the right guidance. … I commend you on your great attitude! … And, thank you for following my blog “In So Many Words …” … Be well, Dorothy 🙂

  18. Belated happy birthday! A poem is a lovely way to celebrate. 🙂

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