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Dam fine day May 8, 2013

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Today I watched beavers

busily engaged in beaver chores:

swimming the branches to the lodge

packing mud in the dam

waddling from one pond to another.

A rodent family at work,

improving their neighbourhood

thinning the trees that keep out the sun

and improving water habitat.

It was worth

the blisters and the swollen feet

now soaking in Epsom salts.



News article about this beaver family:

A youtube video about habitat restoration by beavers:


10 Responses to “Dam fine day”

  1. Excellent poem; and the title is a dam fine play on words…

  2. Great fun Shawn. xx Hugs xx

  3. Yes they do waddle! Perfect word for them. And yes, hiking and epsom salts are synonymous

  4. J. Ramirez Says:

    Love the title! Went so well with the post =)

  5. RoSy Says:

    A dam busy day too 🙂

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