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help guys! I need some male vocab! August 4, 2012

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I was once told, “Guys don’t say ‘cute.'”  That’s a problem, because I’m editing Grace Awakening Myth, and Ben thinks ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ rather frequently.  If I need to kill the word cute, but somehow get the same idea across, what words should I use?

What do you say when the girl you adore is so uncoordinated around you she can barely walk?  When she blushes whenever she sees you?

When I was that girl, I remember a lot of knowing grins, and I’ve got that, but what word would be in his head to describe his affectionate amusement?

Help!  Please leave your suggestion in the comments below!  Thanks!


8 Responses to “help guys! I need some male vocab!”

  1. Sorry Shawn but I still think and say cute though adorable isn’t something I think I’ve ever thought or used.Maybe the choice of word is actually an age thing as well as possibly geographical. Maybe you can do a survey through the appropriate age groups and see what each favours. I’m in my sixties and you already have mine.You’ll at least get a consensus of opinion from the Ben age group then.

  2. hasthevoice Says:

    The ad that ran above was for salt so I’m going to suggest ‘Salt Of The Earth’

  3. I know I don’t mind saying cute (I think guys have more of an aversion to being called cute), but I know one in use a lot lately is “hot”. It might have more all over connotations, including body and all, but it might work. If it’s the right situation, you might go with just an exclamation “Good Lord” or “look at that”, “Have a look at that”. The character could even be saying that to himself. Don’t know the characters or the mood or setting, but just some suggestions.
    For the awkward, we always used to say “They would trip over a crack in the sidewalk” kinda silly, but it gets the point across.
    Again, not knowing the mood, when he sees; her blushing, he might think “oh yeah, she likes it”

    Just some shots…hope they help

    Come by and say hi some time…


  4. Martin Lake Says:

    I’d say cute is fine as is lovely. (But remember I’m English so there may be linguistic differences.) Definitely not adorable. Men have less links between the different hemispheres of the brain. They feel emotions every bit as much as women but find it harder to express them in words. So this is one example of when action for men speak not only louder but better for males.

  5. I have no problem using cute but I don’t like to use it too often as I don’t want her to get sick of me saying it. It can easily become one of those meaningless compliments like “You look nice”. You can use other words like “You’re bizarre but in a fascinating way” to tell them they’re cute. Although a lot of times that leads to explaining what is bizarre and how it’s fascinating. Or if she is clumsy and trips on something, a quick little comment from the male like “Yeah, that spot always gets me too” can make light of the trip but also not make her feel that her clumsiness is not that big a deal.

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