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sonnet 61 shoes February 17, 2012

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When we were in Paris last March, I found a shoe sale. I ended up buying a pair of black leather wedge shoes (for just 12 Euros!  John said, “How much?  Why don’t you buy the brown pair, too?” lol) Now, I don’t really believe in plain black anything, and those wedges seemed to me to be a black board just waiting for something to be written upon them.

So I looked for some fine tipped, permanent opaque pens.  I couldn’t find them anywhere within 100 km, so bought the Sakura pens on eBay direct from Japan, and waited for the day when inspiration would strike.

The day has arrived!

My plain black wedges are plain no longer! They sport the complete Petrarchan sonnet Canzoniere 61, in Petrarca’s original Italian. You might remember that this is the poem I translated for Grace Awakening.

Where there are inadvertent spaces (like where I needed to even up a line, and where the next word didn’t fit) I added roses. For each line of the sonnet I switched colours.  I completely free-handed these, and I was quite delighted that the entire poem fit EXACTLY between the 2 shoes!  Lucky fluke, eh?

I am quite contented with the result, and even more content that I did manage to get the project done before a year was up!


7 Responses to “sonnet 61 shoes”

  1. Reblogged this on The Glass House and commented:
    What a great idea!

  2. Oh, my I got to try this. Love them ! These are very unique.

  3. Anna Cull Says:

    You’ve definitely added value to those shoes! A brilliant idea and beautifully realised too.

  4. clarissa415 Says:

    What a great idea! I own like 10 pairs of black boots but recently branched out to floral combat boots. My husband refuses to let me wear them on his motor scooter because he feels it would be an oxymoron, but as a consolation prize I bought black Harley ones!

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