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and it was good December 10, 2011

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I have seen The Kilt worn.  It is good.

  • The way the pleats fit smoothly from waist to hips, accenting the slight curve.
  • The way the pleats swing with the stride.
  • The way it accents the positive.


We had to adjust the length of the sporran chain, though.  Hubby stared aghast at the initial placement and exclaimed, “No!  That’s like saying ‘X marks the spot!'”

After I stopped laughing, I moved up the chain, and then investigated proper sporran placement at X marks the Scot and the Tartan Authority.  2-3″ below the belt buckle is correct for the top of the sporran, apparently.  We’re still waiting for the arrival of the belt and buckle, but I think we’ve got it close.

Photos? you suggest.

Umm.  Well.  The Husband is a trifle shy.  He is nervous of appearing on the internet in a kilt.  I’ll work on him.  When all the accoutrements have arrived, I will take a photo.  If I have to remove his head, I will.  I keep getting requests for the final product.  Patience!  ;-P

I have seen.  It is good.

Trust me.



1. hem the approximately 8 yards of fabric

2. set the lining

3. pin the pleats according to hubby’s preference

4. press the pleats

5. manipulate the pleats from the fit at the hip to the narrower waist

6. hand stitch the 7-8 yards of hip pleats into position

7. baste pleats onto the lining

8. hand stitch the waist pleats

9. add apron fringe fabric

10. add waistband

11. pull threads to make fringe

12. add buckle closures (2)

13. figure out inner closure…

14.  add hanging loops (sporran loops- rather than hanging loops, actually)

15. sigh dramatically as spouse models completed kilt!


3 Responses to “and it was good”

  1. Congratulations for kilt being worn! 🙂 I am glad your BIG work is being appreciated! Looking forward to see the pictures, if the fate will allow.

  2. Rob Says:

    Great job for doing it off the cuff! I found the same poly/viscose stuff to save money, but I will say that the wool is easier to work with. If you’re really keen, check out the book, “The Art of Kiltmaking” available at
    or feel free to get in touch with me if you want to talk kilts. Well done!

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Thanks. If I could get the man to wear a kilt out in public, it might be worth ordering the wool, but for the amount of use it gets, this suffices. I do worry it’s a bit long, and wonder if I should redo the waist or pull up the hem to raise it an inch. At some point I’ll get a photo of himself modelling the finish product, and get advice about that.

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