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i choose April 28, 2011

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I choose

to believe.


I choose to believe

that my one vote

can make a difference

like a single pebble


to the edges of a still pond


I choose to believe

that my choice

provides the fuel for the future,

that in exercising my franchise

my small voice resonates.

I do not have to stand

in the street and shout

to make my opinion heard.

I walk into my polling place


and cast my vote fearlessly.


I choose to believe

that my vote matters.

I choose to believe

that leaders want to govern


that they care about the people

they represent,

that they want to make a difference.

I choose to believe

in the hope of a better tomorrow.


I choose to make a difference.

to be a pebble in the pond

of democracy,

and so

I vote.



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