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socialism on the rise… May 3, 2011

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What a fascinating development!  The Conservatives get a majority but the Liberals are decimated and the New Democrats become the loyal opposition.   It’s a whole new world out there.  I don’t even know what to say, but I’ll bet the Americans are a little nervous that the socialists got so much headway.  I look forward  to seeing what Jack can do with some power, though unfortunately not quite enough to balance the House and encourage lots of negotiation through coalition bargaining.

I like multi-party negotiations for ensuring the most fair policies for the largest number of Canadians.  As a result, I’m  not thrilled about this majority, and too be honest, based on what I heard I’m kind of surprised about it.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  Let’s hope that everyone governs with grace and consideration for the greatest number of citizens rather than any special interest groups.  Good luck Canada.


i choose April 28, 2011

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I choose

to believe.


I choose to believe

that my one vote

can make a difference

like a single pebble


to the edges of a still pond


I choose to believe

that my choice

provides the fuel for the future,

that in exercising my franchise

my small voice resonates.

I do not have to stand

in the street and shout

to make my opinion heard.

I walk into my polling place


and cast my vote fearlessly.


I choose to believe

that my vote matters.

I choose to believe

that leaders want to govern


that they care about the people

they represent,

that they want to make a difference.

I choose to believe

in the hope of a better tomorrow.


I choose to make a difference.

to be a pebble in the pond

of democracy,

and so

I vote.



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