Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

her with him July 27, 2012

It’s not truth,

but danger.

    Not what is real,

    but what’s perceived.

        The excluding


        of laughter

             contrasted by

             bored eye brows

             and sighs.

An amused knife

slicing through

her security.

         © Shawn L. Bird


Being a free verse, there is no strict rhyme or rhythm pattern in this one, but you’ll see lots of examples here of consonance, assonance, and alliteration.  Notice in particular the pattern of growling of the /r/s, the explosive /ex/s and the sighing /s/s which reflect the narrative persona’s emotional experience.  

There is a circle pattern with the 6 sections (not quite stanzas, not being separated) being strongly consonant /r/, then assonant /e/, then alliterative /ex/, and then reversing: alliterative /b/, assonant /i/, and finally consonant /r/ again.  How does this pattern reflect the persona’s emotional state?

You are welcome to use this poem in your class room, crediting the author.  I’d also be pleased to see a comment indicating where and when you did.  Thanks.


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