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poem-ginger snap January 17, 2015

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The fiery flame of your hair

declares you.

You flash with fury and

unleash lashes of your tongue.

Light catches

in the disapproving flips

of your flickering locks,

We witness your scorching glare.

Viewed from a distance,

a bonfire is a beautiful thing

and I occasionally enjoy ginger snaps

while watching the fire.



Ah, it’s a stereotype, I know, but sometimes folks walk right into their cliché and live there.


poem- flaming November 9, 2014

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You’ve ignited,

conflagration in the halls,

a flaming torch.

Burning brightly,

napalm from your flame thrower

devouring the walls.

You’re an incendiary bomb

blazing through the air,

leaving no survivors

at all.



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