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poem- flaming November 9, 2014

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You’ve ignited,

conflagration in the halls,

a flaming torch.

Burning brightly,

napalm from your flame thrower

devouring the walls.

You’re an incendiary bomb

blazing through the air,

leaving no survivors

at all.



15 Responses to “poem- flaming”

  1. You write very well 🙂 -a fan

  2. Moongazer Says:

    I know someone that could have been written for :-/

  3. Not a word wasted in this poem – really like a well constructed flow of theme

  4. That’s one way to get noticed.

  5. billremski Says:

    I like your poems Shawn. You know, if you write them in the text tab, there are no white spaces between lines. I used to have to copy and paste to get this formatting. It’s just, I think the no space between lines makes things look more like a book and less like Microsoft edited my poetry. Still, I like your words, keep writing.

    • What text tab? I just write them on the WordPress ‘new post’ frame (which suggests Microsoft is nowhere near them). I space all my writing at either 1.5 or 2. I’m not sure what the WordPress auto format spacing actually is, but it looks the way I want it to look regardless.

      • billremski Says:

        Well, if you look in the top right corner of the text block, there are these tabs that say “visual” and “text”. The text tab is really for entering html, like if you wanted to post code from YouTube to show a video, otherwise WordPress will interpret the code visually. Well, I found that if you enter poems in the text tab, the software doesn’t put a white line between lines. This is like Microsoft Word, which formats paragraphs in business style, where instead of indenting the first line of each paragraph like you would in a book, it leaves a blank line between paragraphs. So, when I want to write a poem in WordPress in their editor, and don’t copy and paste from a text editor, or even word, I click on the tab thing in the top right corner of the WordPress editor, and it takes words literally. You can also indent lines this way, as if you were writing a Burns stanza and wanted to indent the second line five spaces, and the text editor will take that literally and not delete it. I used to just format things in a text editor, because sometimes the WordPress editor drove me to distraction. I know, I’m splitting straws, but I like things to look like a poem at least, even if my words sound more like a rant, which is a kind of poem. Take care, and best wishes.


      • Interesting.
        Sometimes I do want specific word placement, so that’s a good tip.
        I wonder if that method impacts the universality of readability, though? You want it to appear properly on all screens. (This is the same problem with making poetry e-books, as epub files do not like specific formatting, in order to allow the reader to enlarge script, change fonts, etc).
        Thanks for the info!

      • billremski Says:

        You’re welcome. I have done some eBook things with Sigil from Google and really, how it displays depends on the reader. Some readers will display an indent, and some will just shove it to the first space on the line. ePub is not really a literal formatting standard, it just seems to give certain things like a table of contents and chapter breaks. Take care.

  6. FCM Says:

    Remski’s tips
    A Bird sings a reply
    My mind fumbles and slips
    A flaming torch I’ll let fly

    I think the poem
    that started it all
    had napalm to blow’em
    right through this wall.

    But now I have learned
    of visual and text,
    Html, ePub, Sigil I should be concerned
    Big… sigh… wondering what’s next.

    LOL…joking around.

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