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Pink re-think? March 27, 2013

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My shirt is pink!

That means I think each day about those wimpy nerds

who cry unheard in bathroom stalls

and that’s not all.

A pink shirt proves

I’m sensitive, to those less competitive

in this dog eat dog world of grinding cogs in

mean machines that devour

gentle flowers.

I wear a pink shirt

not to subvert the status quo

’cause don’t you know,

I hurt , too.

I hurt just as badly as you!

Those Wal-Mart bodies overflowing with fat

riding their scooters

Are too much of a hoot to resist staring at

and sharing to all five hundred of my Facebook friends.

Ha! Look at that

pathetic loser!

Why respect his dignity?

Why contain my bigotry?

Hey!  I’ve been bullied, too!

I hurt just as much as you.

But that guy, seriously?

Why act so furiously at me?

Why are you lashing at my humour

I’m just laughing, I’m not some tumour

of society, I’m just a guy, so quit it with the anxiety!

Look, here’s a brilliant warden

who puts all his prisoners in pink.  What do you think

of that?  Anti-bullying, hard-labour, and bread and water.

I agree!  I’ll share that will Facebook, see!

A prisoner should not expect respect

while serving time for their misdeeds, not rehabilitation

a trade, or improvement in his station.  No, he should be humiliated

even if being affiliated with negativity destroys personal dignity.

They wear pink shirts and think of their hurts.

Just like me.

I think, in pink, that every day I have a choice

to promote or demote

to improve lives or remove lives.

To embrace what is different without mocking

to try talking with who’s different, in grace,

To show compassion, and kindness, and care


To keep my mouth shut, when I’m inclined to giggle

at the size of some butt,

not to repeat the smut.

Because, who knows?

Perhaps I’m peaking now,

and in twenty years,

my best behind me,

my butt expanding from hours at my computer.

When I want to shop I’ll be on a scooter at WalMart

still just as smart, ready with a kind remark

at bullies snapping my photo with their phone

mocking me, not knowing I was once just like them

condemned to future hurts,

by hypocritical displays

in my pink shirt.



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