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poem-they’re thinning the trees November 12, 2020

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Pines and spruce tower

ninety feet into the air

a wall of green

a squirrel playground.

Broken by the last windstorm

Branches the size of adult legs snapped,


blocking the road,

risking the roof.

With each roar of the chainsaw

years are cut away.

Now, we see the lights of town

glistening below.

Greenery sacrificed for urban beauty.

Our new view

comes with grief for the scent of spruce

in the waving wind.


poem-shorn March 21, 2016

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Each year, the mighty willow

on the corner, trunk three feet around,

or more,

hums with the buzzing saws that

trim it to the trunk.

Supple yellow switches, eager for naughty backsides

or basket making pile on either side of the fence,

gathered for scrap not utility,

and a giant stands naked again.



poem-choosing January 2, 2015

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I sift and skim


Are you strong enough?

Are you fresh enough?

Words combined and aligned

into sensation and celebration

Are you vibrant enough?

Are you true enough?

I sift and skim,





Today I am working through a collection of poetry that’s been sorted once by theme, then by non-poets for accessability.  Now I’m trying to find the very best to submit for publication. I have to weed out half.  It’s a challenge!  I feel sad for the ones I pitch. 😉


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