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poem-fluff November 16, 2019

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Tight black ball

warm, curled against my hip

tail twitching in dreams.

Serious affection or just fluff?

It’s all the same to me.


poem-tortoise March 13, 2016

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In dreams

I have been gifted with a tortoise.

A slow moving friend who will live long.

When I wake, I google

whether tortoises can lived in a backyard

through Canadian winter.

before I realize it was only

a dream.


poem-old dog December 15, 2015

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Old dog

curled on a cushion

foggy eyes still adoring

tail still wagging

slow to rise, feet creak,

aging devotion.


poem- good dog haiku February 13, 2015

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How long ’til I stop

Checking behind me for my

faithful dog shadow?


Good bye Dusty Dog.


poem- last day February 12, 2015

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Now begins

your last twenty-four hours.

You are curled on a fuzzy blanket

that you settled onto with a groan

and a long sigh.

You’re catching up on the sleep you missed

between 2 a.m. and 7 a.m. when

you cried and howled and paced.

You struggle to rise and follow me

as I move through the house, still my shadow

even though it hurts to move.

You still wag your tail

though your hips cause you pain.

You still look up trustingly

with those cloudy white eyes,

so I will do my painful duty,

and give you sleep, free from pain.

After your final vet appointment,

tomorrow at this time.

I will bury you in the back yard

beside your brother, and we will weep

over the loss of another faithful dog

who shadowed us

with devotion.




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