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A Hallowe’en story October 30, 2013

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Time for the annual re-blog of my Hallowe’en poem… 😉 Have fun!

Shawn L. Bird


This is the time of year

They say the veil is thin.

The other side is closer

So fears well from within.


Harold was out driving

Along a country lane

The fog was rolling thickly

The moon was on the wane

A crash rang through the forest

As a tree fell on the road

Harold’s heart was pounding

He looked for an abode

There off in the distance

He saw a flickering light

He headed off toward it

While pushing down his fright

This is the time of year

They say the veil is thin

The other side is closer

So fear wells from within


The walk went on forever

Though it hadn’t seemed that far

Was the light moving also?

Soon he lost sight of his car.

A crunching noise behind him

Made him jump in fear

A huffling breath was panting

The thing was very…

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iloveross17 (chapter six) April 15, 2011

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Chapter six

Log in
User name- SuzieQ
Password- confused1


Dave – Hey!

SuzieQ- what have u been saying?

Dave – ?

SuzieQ – about us making out?

Dave – ohh

SuzieQ – so?

Dave has left the chat

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story: iloveross17 (chapter five) March 25, 2011

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(Chapter five)

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User name: Zara16

Password: watcher


Lena- Hey

            How R U?

Zara-  😦

Lena- ?

Zara- Ross + Suzanne

Lena- why?

Zara- ?

Lena- Ross is too cute for her

Zara- ?

Lena- U no it

            Suzanne is a biotch to him

Zara- he loves her!

Lena- no way

            They’d still be together

Zara- unless someone broke them up

            Know anyone?

Lena- Dave?

Zara- Hm



Lena- bye

Log off


Story: iloveross17 (chapter one) February 26, 2011

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User name: suzieq@
Password: iloveross17mos
Change password: iloveross18mos

Status updates:

Zara- math test! Gonna die.

Bixby- what is the reason to fear what we do not understand?

Ross- is now single.

Lena- have to babysit my little sister, someone text me!

Zara- Suzanne! OMG! Are you ok?!!!

Log off


Deep breath.
Ross…is single??????????



Next installment: Chapter 2



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