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iloveross17 (chapter six) April 15, 2011

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Chapter six

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User name- SuzieQ
Password- confused1


Dave – Hey!

SuzieQ- what have u been saying?

Dave – ?

SuzieQ – about us making out?

Dave – ohh

SuzieQ – so?

Dave has left the chat

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story: iloveross17 (chapter five) March 25, 2011

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(Chapter five)

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User name: Zara16

Password: watcher


Lena- Hey

            How R U?

Zara-  😦

Lena- ?

Zara- Ross + Suzanne

Lena- why?

Zara- ?

Lena- Ross is too cute for her

Zara- ?

Lena- U no it

            Suzanne is a biotch to him

Zara- he loves her!

Lena- no way

            They’d still be together

Zara- unless someone broke them up

            Know anyone?

Lena- Dave?

Zara- Hm



Lena- bye

Log off


story: iloveross17 (Chapter four) March 18, 2011

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log in: Lena

password: iloveross


Lena- hi

Ross- hi

Lena- sorry about Suzanne

Ross- ya

Lena- gang is going 2 movie Fri.  Wanna come?

Ross- maybe


Lena- C U!

log off


 Lena?  wtf?


Story: iloveross17 (Chapter Three) March 11, 2011

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Previous chapters: one, two

(Chapter three)


User name: davebixby@

Password: 2handsome

Friends Online:





Bixby- Rossman!

Ross- hey

Bixby- thanks man

Ross- meh. 

            Can’t talk now

Bixby- ?

Ross- chatting. L8R

Bixby- Bye


story: iloveross17 (chapter two) March 4, 2011

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Previous chapters: one,

(Chapter two)

user name: suzieq@

password: iloveross18mos

change password: confused1

Status updates:

Bixby- oh yeah man!

Zara- wtf?

Lena- save me from my boredom!


Zara- R U OK?

SusieQ- Ya

Zara-What happened?

SusieQ- Still trying to figure that out, actually.

Zara- Do u think Ross saw you making out with Dave?

SusieQ- 😦

 and onto chapter three


Story: iloveross17 (chapter one) February 26, 2011

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Log in
User name: suzieq@
Password: iloveross17mos
Change password: iloveross18mos

Status updates:

Zara- math test! Gonna die.

Bixby- what is the reason to fear what we do not understand?

Ross- is now single.

Lena- have to babysit my little sister, someone text me!

Zara- Suzanne! OMG! Are you ok?!!!

Log off


Deep breath.
Ross…is single??????????



Next installment: Chapter 2



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