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poem- Adrian October 20, 2013

Adrian, muscles rippling

and  glistening from summer sun,

as the girls grip

their nails in their fists, wishing.

Adrian, head emerging from car engine

wringing greasy hands,

and grinning a greeting,

reaching for his shirt,

as the girls glide in, sniffing;

whiffing at pheromones

that hint of moaning, groaning


Good girls watching as

Adrian gets ready

for Bible study.


poem- distance does not change the feelings September 26, 2013

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The distance does not change the feelings.

the reeling,


squealing of my soul,

no longer whole.

The space between us stretches

and in the distance you grow small

and old,

But time has folds

in dreams I hold

you close

My soul finds healing.

Though space and time change feelings,

you haven’t changed at all.

First line compliments of

on Twitter


listening on the lake August 15, 2013

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A lone loon

intones a poem

lingering long

across the lake.

Its echoing call’s

a prayer chant.

Summer song

whispered on the water

Lonely loon

listens for his lover

lost in

melancholy memories

of sun sambas on waves.

Haunting ghost calls

as cabins close

and summer dies.



If you haven’t heard a loon call, here is a nice video that captures the mournful quality of their song:


wishful thinking April 4, 2013

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I dream of easy affection

when I can celebrate you

without you analyzing my motives

and finding me lacking.

I dream of easy affection

when I can trust you

not to rip apart my offerings

with cruel and callous doubts.

I dream of easy affection

when you can happily accept

tthe best I had whether or not it

was good enough for you.

I dream of easy affection

but some days it seems

like my hopes bring me

a lot of pain

for nothing.



Sometimes it is so much easier to close up the heart, when you are constantly misunderstood, rejected, and ignored by those who should love and respect you. 


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