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POEM- Christmas lights December 11, 2014

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Time to hang the Christmas lights.

From the shed

lights on pine swag are excavated.

From the basement

cup rings are hunted.

From the kitchen

bulb to plug converter located.

Bore the the rings above the door

Arrange the swag in elegant balance

Screw the converter into the light socket

Ready for festive glow, plug cord into socket .



No Christmas lights tonight.


poem- home March 28, 2014

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Home from the boarding kennel

Dogs drape themselves

on the carpets,

snoozing noisily.

Canine vacation was exhausting, too.


poem- card store holidays February 14, 2014

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and card stores

declare a forced affair:

“Purchase a card and dozen roses

or your affections are suspect!”

I prefer

memories carved

each morning from

all the days before

in a collection of kisses

stretching back through

years of anniversaries

Memories of Mister and Missus.

(Though notes are nice,

and I like roses, on sale).


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