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Found poem- from the WordPress blog roll April 24 2013 17.46-18.04 hours PDT April 24, 2013

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(If you should see a line from your poem in this, please link to it in the comments!)  Each line is taken from a poem on the blog roll, in order, backwards in time.


I can’t sing you a sad song.

   patience for life’s lovers

      all these people,

         opened up,

              howl like children

                 for something different in these places.

Mermaids only dream

   our burning love.

I will not take

    first dandelions,

       each one a kiss

           weighing heavy on my heart.

Warm breath on my neck,

     I have burned.

I could write between the lines

     the many masks of the broken child:

        Rainbow sprays in the garden.

I love you still.

Lullaby sea

     has aged gracefully.

Time has taken

    the dewdrops of sadness

         awaiting damnation,

              silencing the crowds.

Blink of an eye,

     what was wholly irrelevent

            blossoms in the mind:

                  I never see you smiling.

Life makes us cynical,

      oddly balanced.

That impossible moment

      lights the trees,

           the sky looks like me.


Found on the WordPress blog roll April 8 April 8, 2013

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A warm wind invites much lingering

Rain like a spectator listening

to the gold geometry

where my heart used to be.

Finding myself in Italy,

all I ever wanted to be.

I’m not broken:

shattered iris,

experience of sensuality.

 You would be here

under the silky shield.

Stifled tremblings,

a flock of hardy souls

haunting the spaces.

Today I am deep purple,

written in the ink of my tears,

staring at the tea.


Second verse, same as the first!  Single lines collected from poems on the blog roll from between 1:25 and 2:25 PDT April 8, 2013 and turned into a found poem.  If you recognise a line from your poem, please link to your poem!


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