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found poem- nature nostalgia August 18, 2013

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It’s been a while since I went hunting for a found poem.  Here is one using single lines or phrases found on the WordPress Blog roll under the topic of poetry between noon and 1:00 Pacific today, August 18, 2013. Each line of the poem comes from a different poem.  If you find a line from your work, please link to it in the comments!


Lessons in bird song

like it was our world.

Art of revelation-

something more than me-

more temperamental-

heart of a warm sky,

My soul is

a glorious riot of frogs-

threads of raindrops-

transitory life.

Fear and pain

tied artificial limbs together.

Your words float

my infinity,

a drawn sword.

Twilight comes

shadows litter roadways

waiting to be discovered.

You lay here wanting

the new heaven

like a sinner sees God.

I danced a lone waltz

The women break

philosophical dreams

amid the forest wild.

Hope was an ever-blossoming flower

where dreams are made.

I caress your face

tear my soaring wings.

Everything in my head went quiet

a flute for the wind’s mouth.

She is the music

holding hands with my future nostalgia.

Let’s not be the ones who sleep with no dreams.

Beauty sits in itself,

one word for freedom,

the child that I used to be-

an archipelago of memories.

Pain needs no name,

exploring all its mysteries.

The sun touched your face,


exuding her scent

never to grow old,

petals falling from a rose.

This thought ought to be true

like tree roots’

perennial embrace.


What I like about found poetry is the juxtaposition that comes.  The pronouns change, and while some fit seamlessly, others jar you, and you have to consider why it works (or doesn’t, as you perceive it!).  Sometimes a line catches you and holds you, and you have to ponder.  The meaning weaves from stolen images, like Frankenstein’s monster.


14 Responses to “found poem- nature nostalgia”

  1. pi314chron Says:

    I love that exercise! One of many haiku that suggest themselves to me, using only three of the lines above is:

    your words float
    petals falling from a rose –
    twilight comes

    Thanks for the “haiku starter!”


  2. C.J. Black Says:

    “Lets not be the ones who sleep with no dreams” – that’s mostly where the images for my “poetry comes from.

  3. Nick Trandahl Says:

    Well done! A very interesting poetry exercise that I may now have to try.

  4. […] found poem- nature nostalgia ( […]

  5. johncoyote Says:

    ‘Hope was an ever-blossoming flower
    where dreams are made.”
    You create a beautiful poem. Using nature allowed the reader to understand the purpose and reason of the poem.

  6. Reblogged this on quirkywritingcorner and commented:
    This is a beautiful poem.

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