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common denominator April 9, 2013

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I am

the common denominator

in my life.

If trouble comes


after time

after time,


after relationship

after relationship,

What each event

has in common

is me.


In Grace Awakening Power, Bright tells Grace that she is the common denominator to the problems.  It’s not that it’s Grace’s fault that bad things happen to her, but they aren’t happening to other people, they’re happening to her, and it’s something in her that brings the trouble.

I’ve been thinking about this one a lot lately and wondering how to change the factors that result in the common denominator of my experience.  How about you?  Can you see how changing one or two things could change your experiences in a profound way?

PS. If find it very interesting that when centred, this poem took the shape of a punching bag.  You punch these bags, and they whip right back at you.  It seems full of profound symbolism. How do you interpret it?


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