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poem- cracks June 9, 2019

I’m slipping apart

Deep gut groaning,

inviserating split.

Your knife is sharp

and oh so subtle

No one sees the slicing

as pieces of me fall:

blood, tears and confusion.

Devotion’s greatest trick.

Betrayal by the longed for hope,

tenderly nurtured,

joyfully gathered to the heart.

Once before, protection pushed you out.

You said your sorries, cried for communication

and here we are again.

Cruelty masquerading as the heart I carried.

Pain pretending to be love.

No one else would be allowed in, after all this anguish.

Broken pieces of how I used to feel.

Wondering where the sweet creature disappeared to.

Mothers earn merit badges from the torture

of their children.


poem-crushing May 30, 2016

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Words you knew not to say

you said.

Though you prefaced with

‘you’re not going to like this,’

you said them anyway.

You knew those words had venom,

that would poison her heart,

you said them.

And you watch the poison take her

ooze out through tears of




You pretend your purpose was care,

but caring is never deliberately cruel,

caring steps gently amid sensitivity,

caring builds supports to encourage.

In your mouth you have an anti-venom,

but you are silent,

contentedly watching the destruction

of the crushed spirit turning black

from the poison of

your words.

Moving farther from your affection

every moment you wait.





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