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Poem-Fire of you July 10, 2011

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This poem was written as a submission to the Burnaby Writers Society Poetry contest.  The theme was fire, and poets were encouraged to interpret the theme.  Still 2 months before winners will be announced.  

September 2011: This one was a contest finalist! Yay!


You reached

into the flames

and  plucked an ember

that glowed with

happiness and hope

upon your palm.


In the

wavering sphere

of gold and crimson

light, I glimpsed our

future in flickering



But when I reached to take it in my grasp

you clasped

your fist closed,

so the glow

of my hope






“No,” you said.

“It will burn you.”


Truth scorched through

the kindness in your eyes, but could not

extinguish my anguish,

even as you wrapped me in your arms

and murmured worthless words of consolation.


I didn’t want your wisdom.

I wanted fire.


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