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quote- John Green on coffee January 12, 2014

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Colin didn’t like coffee.  He liked the idea of coffee quite a lot–a warm drink that gave you energy and had been for centuries associated with sophisticates and intellectuals.  But coffee itself tasted to him like caffeinated stomach bile.

John Green in An Abundance of Katherines. p. 11

I also like the rest of the paragraph, from which I lifted the quote.  It conveys the tone of the protagonist, Colin, who has just broken up with his 19th girlfriend, each named Katherine.

 “He did an end-around on the unfortunate taste by drowning his java in cream, for which Katherine gently teased him that afternoon.  It rather goes without saying that Katherine drank her coffee black.  Katherines do, generally.  They like the coffee like they like their ex-boyfriends: bitter.”

Colin expresses my feeling about coffee.  I started drinking it at the Calico House in Kelowna, after young people’s events when I was about 17.  We’d gather around the table,  wanting to continue in each other’s company, solving the problems of the world, planning our futures, having fun.  Calico House put a pitcher of coffee at the table.  Inevitably, it ended up in my cup.

I don’t really like it, and I do not do well with caffeine.  I had a cup of 2/3 hot chocolate 1/3 coffee at 4:00 on Friday, and I was up until 3 a.m. (and completely unaware of the time.  It felt like 9 to me).   Most days, I drink either hot chocolate (Carnation, preferably) mixed with some Ovaltine or an herbal tea with honey.  This time of year, a hot beverage is a great comfort.

How about you?  Do you drink coffee?  What is your beverage of choice?


bad talents (Part1) July 12, 2010

Ever since I started a blog, people have been asking if I was going to tell stories about OJ.  So far I’ve managed to avoid it, but I was asked again yesterday, so I guess it’s time.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the internet, I would like to introduce you to  Kimelle’s Optimum Jive, my very talented standard poodle.

Now before I tell you the stories, promise me that you won’t lecture me on what a bad poodle parent I am, okay?  I know that if I was a responsible dog trainer, OJ would never do any of these things.  But he came to us as a two year old, already well set in his ways, and because he’s a brilliant, charming, manipulative poodle, we have been unable to break his bad habits over the last eight years.  We have a grudging admiration for him, to be honest.  This may not be a talent we wish he possessed, but we have to be impressed at how very skilled he is.

In the canine intelligence studies, only one breed is smarter than the poodle.  It’s the border collie.  If you know border collies, you know that they are intense, dedicated to their task and motivated to succeed.  They affix their famous stare at sheep, children, or cattle and they follow whistles, hand signals or calls without deviating from their orders.  They are amazing to watch on an agility course as they obey faultlessly and repeatedly.  This is not the way poodles operate.  Poodles will learn every task they are given in moments, but then they take it upon themselves to figure out another way, and good luck trying to get them to do it your boring way!  If you do manage to convince them to do the task your way more than a couple times, watch out.  They will look for a new and more interesting way to do it before long, when it is most inconvenient for you.  They are inclined to show you that there is always another, better, more entertaining way to do something.  They are adept at figuring out their own agendas, and doing whatever they need to do to achieve their own goals.

OJ’s goal is to fill his belly.  (He has tried to convince us that his goal is to keep our kitchen clean, but we are not fooled).  His talent is counter-surfing.  This talent requires stealth, balance, and ingenuity.  OJ excels at each element.  As a demonstration of his stealth, I offer this: around my house it is unwise to leave coffee, hot chocolate or chocolate milk on a coffee table.  While you are distracted, talking to someone beside you on the couch, for example, OJ will casually walk by, tilt ever so slightly, and take a slurp out of your cup.  He doesn’t care if the coffee is black or double double, however, he prefers cafe mocha, and he adores hot chocolate.   If you are so foolish as to walk into the kitchen and leave your  full cup completely unattended, you are likely to return to find a circle of cocoa spray on the table and an empty cup.   If your cup was less than half full, you will just find an empty cup, and a confused contemplation about whether you really did finish it or not.  OJ will be lying innocently on the couch, as if he never left it.  If you wish to avoid sharing your beverage when visiting at my house, I suggest you have tea.  OJ does not seem to care for tea.

As I typed this blog, OJ was yelled at to get off the counters 5 times.  I intercepted him once with an ice cream lid he’d just taken out of the sink, and once sneaking down the hallway with a spatula in his mouth.

Apparently he requires some attention, so I will continue with his adventures in another blog post.


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