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Poem- Easter Monday aubade April 6, 2015

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Last night

you woke in horror.

“What is it?” I asked.

You shivered, “A nightmare,

one of the worst I’ve had.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

I asked sleepily.

“No,” you said.  “I can’t think about it.”

“Am I ever in your nightmares?”

You pondered for a long time.

“No,” you finally said.  “Never.”

“Then come closer,” I said,

“I will protect you.”

In the morning, you are gone,

but you have left behind

the sighs of your security

in my arms.



Today prompt is to write an aubade.  I am particularly fond of aubades.  They are the opposite of a serenade.  In a serenade, the lover is trying to entice into the beloved’s bed; in an aubade the morning has come, and the lover must depart.  I wrote one last year (or before?) that I’m sure WordPress will link to beneath this post.  You may enjoy that one, too.  I was quite proud of it.


poem- aubade February 4, 2014

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Your limbs

spill from silken sheets

shimmering in the glimmer

of morning squeezing between

window slats,

striping you like a convict,

but I am your prisoner.

Your lips

curl as you murmur,

conversing with lovers

in your dreams,

Your hips

burrow deeply

on the rhythm of your sighs

and I long to lie beside you,

lingering in the light,

but as dawn drives day

so must I away.



An aubade is a French leaving poem.  It’s the opposite of a serenade, and is the song of a lover leaving his beloved in the morning.  I’d never heard of the form before, and on the same day, I discovered it by accident (when I looked up a French lingerie company by the name and the definition came up) I found an aubade in the WordPress poetry feed.  Quite a coincidence!  Here is my first one.  I should add, that I am unlikely to ever write one from experience, since generally I’m going to bed at dawn, while my husband is getting up! 😉  


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