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poem-what’s falling July 29, 2021

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In the porch light

ash is illuminated

specks of falling sky

pieces of evergreen needles

drop onto my arm

leave lines of black.

It hurts to breathe this grey air;

forests blazing hurt the heart.

Pray for rain, or better, snow.

(because, you know, snow

doesn’t bring lightning
or more fire).


2 Responses to “poem-what’s falling”

  1. Parris Young Says:

    I like this poem. I think it has the substance to be lengthened. That being said:
    I was a kid in Virginia when I saw two things that were anomalous in that area. 1) snow. It was quite a show watching the neighborhood in Norfolk (military housing) all empty into the outside alleys and streets to enjoy the snow, and 2) there was lightning behind the snow. I have seen lightning in the snow a few times since. You might have to edit your poem … I DO sympathize entirely with you sentiment, though.

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