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poem-Not That Road April 2, 2021

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That way lies madness, dear.

Keep your eyes on the path you chose.

What might have been?

What could have been?

All dangerous conjecture.

Embrace today.

Celebrate this self, right here.

Right now.

Embrace what is.



.NaPoWriMo Day 2 The official prompt from today: Explore your own “Road not Taken”



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4 Responses to “poem-Not That Road”

  1. Leon Stevens Says:

    Well stated. We could drive ourselves crazy with “What ifs.”

  2. SelmaMartin Says:

    Embrace was is. Yes. This!
    It’s like I say, the hard part is deciding on the values you want to live your life by, sticking with them and taking flight.
    With those values as your compass the roads you choose will be THE BEST road for you.
    I heard you say all that in this short poem. Thanks. You rock.
    And thanks so much for what you just did. *wink*

    I link to mine —
    — here, so that we stay connected.
    Keep going. I wish you miracles

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