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poem- around the world April 6, 2020

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I’m on a site celebrating my adopted culture

when someone asks which of us were exchange students.

Suddenly there are 50 comments:

their years, their homes, their hosts.

Someone writes to me from Australia,

“We were there at the same time. I wonder if we met?”

Imagine that.

A virtual rendez-vous decades later.

A tiny marble, this globe; we can

almost hold it in our hands.



5 Responses to “poem- around the world”

  1. wbdeejay Says:

    The world is so big, and yet really so small!
    My partner has an incredible memory for faces and people she meets. She remembers the first time we met nearly 30 years before we “met again for the first time”.

  2. erbiage Says:

    A tiny marble indeed! Almost! Almost…

  3. Sumantra C Says:

    The world is indeed a small place…lovely piece Shawn.

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