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poem-they’re trying to kill you? April 4, 2020

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Last week reports of your smiles and charm,

surprised us.  Did they have the right patient?


I am fast asleep when the phone rings this morning.

You’re shrieking at me.

I know you’re angry and afraid,

but I can’t deal with you

and a pandemic, too.


2 Responses to “poem-they’re trying to kill you?”

  1. wbdeejay Says:

    Powerful poem
    Tough times and everyone deals with it differently. Wishing you strength and calmness.

    • We have a elder in hospital after a fall, broken hip, and heart attack last week. The food includes her allergens that she’s reacting to, so she is not a happy camper. In the middle of a pandemic, no visiting complicates matters.

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