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poem-MIA October 9, 2019

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I keep checking the email

Certain I’ve missed notification.

Maybe it’s time to accept

I missed the mark.  Vexation.

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

is better than missing the celebration.

When you’re sure this is the one,

anticipation’s crushed by negation.



3 Responses to “poem-MIA”

  1. colonialist Says:

    “Why am I always the bridesmaid,
    Never the blushing bride?
    Ding dong! wedding bells
    Only ring for other gels,
    But some fine day,
    Oh, let it be soon,
    I shall wake up in the morning
    On my own honeymoon.”

  2. Fragilistic Says:

    So cool. Love the rhyme and the vibe!

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