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Writing Better Fiction August 13, 2019

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Writing Better Fiction:
Craft Tips from some of Canada’s Best Writers and Editors.

(ed. Brent Nichols).

WritingBetterFiction2019-BeginningI am delighted to have an article in this excellent anthology.  Many writers have contributed articles with advice and strategies on a wide variety of topics.  It’s a great value and is a fundraiser for the Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, which is also brilliant.

Click the cover for a link to Amazon.

Check it out!



  • Beginning: Shawn L. Bird
  • The blank page: Brent Nichols
  • The what, who, why when, and how of writing prompts: M. Jane Colette
  • Ine initial surface problem and the story-worthy problem: Sally McBride
  • Point of view: Robert J. Sawyer
  • Villains and conflicts: Ron S. Friedman
  • Pornstar cleaning?! Where writers get their ideas: Tim Reynolds
  • Writer’s block: Hayden Trenholm
  • Writing formats-the keys to your potential: J. Paul Cooper
  • The mice quotient and the structure of genre: Renee L. Bennett
  • Researching history and using historical sources: D. E. Wright
  • Writing stronger scenes: Ace Jordyn
  • 44 tips for  effective dialogue: Craig diLouie
  • Dangle your modifiers: Randy Nikkel Schroeder
  • Elemental tales: Jim Jackson
  • The gentle art of giving and receiving critiques: The imaginative fiction writers’ association
  • How do I know it’s a rough draft? Barb Galler-Smith
  • The art of writing: Josephine LoRe
  • Advanced editing techniques for immersive fiction: Swati Chavda
  • Stories with spine: J. E. Barnard
  • Get out of your head! Sandra Hurst
  • In praise of the flat arc: Lise Brassard
  • Description-when less is more: Robert Runte, PhD
  • Three steps to move from telling to showing: Mahrie G. Reid
  • Ten steps after “The End” Adria Laycroft
  • Business plans for authors: Sandra Fitzpatrick
  • Getting to the next level: Liz Westbrook-Trenholm










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