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Concussed September 14, 2018

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This concussion is a constriction

squeezing my head like a snake

hugging my eyes closed.

Light pressure. Dark daylight.

Just a little inconvenience.


16 Responses to “Concussed”

  1. Existential in nature, minimal but profound. I liked the imagery of snake.. great!!

  2. Prior... Says:

    Yikes – only a little inconvenient? Hope all is 100% soon (and nice poem)

  3. LesleyFerguson Says:

    That sounds horrible Shawn. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. onewithclay Says:


    a discussion of
    concussions must include some
    new impact studies

  5. I hope the dark daylight doesn’t resemble an Arctic winter, in terms of duration.

    • You know, the Arctic winter light is interesting. When I was in Lapland in dead of winter, I was fascinated that it wasn’t dark during the day, despite the fact there wasn’t sun. The sky was a cool indigo blue and the stars seemed to reflect on the snow. It was an oddly pervasive light–almost mystical. On the other hand, in Kotka, on the Southern coast of Finland where we didn’t have snow, it was grey black all the time in December, and I discovered the fun of Seasonal Affective Disorder! 😉

  6. clawfish Says:

    I know that silence well

  7. derricodenise Says:

    Your Poems have always resonated with me. More so today as I fell on my face two weeks ago. Sending ❤

  8. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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