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poem-Crash August 29, 2018

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My head is light,

I am floating

I walk through clouds,

lightning flash,


The floor is cool

and comfortable.

The dog sniffs my face.

Why am I on the ground?

The doctor says,

feeling light headed is a signal

that you need to go low,

if you don’t do it,

your body will do it for you.


Now I know.



15 Responses to “poem-Crash”

  1. Hope that you are feeling better. Are you diabetic?
    I have high blood pressure but sometimes in the summer my blood pressure levels drop so low that I feel faint. Doctors and nurses give me Gatorade.

    Sending you healing vibrations.

    God bless.

    • Still sore head 4 days later. I’m trying to avoid screens and reading (the week before school starts, this is problematic!). Not diabetic, doctor was pretty sure it was a positional faint, but has ordered tests to check.

      • Okay. I will keep you in my prayers. Get plenty of rest.

      • Feeling quite a bit better today- Day 6 post injury. I am still trying to keep a low profile, avoiding screens and doing too much. I am hoping to be able to be back at work Tuesday. I’ve spoken to admin though, so if I will need to dial it back next week, they know.

      • Good. Progress. Please continue to take it easy. Here in New York city school will start next week. Tomorrow is Labor day. Of course the private and Catholic schools started last month August. The public school kids in New York will also be off for the upcoming Jewish holidays.

      • Interesting! We start Tues after Labour Day here. Sept 4 this year. It feels like we’ve had such a short summer with all the wildfire smoke keeping us indoors and oxygen deprived. Blue skies today are nice.

      • It’s been over 90 degrees almost every day this summer. I spent two days at Coney Island beach last week to beat the heat. Today is better. In the 80s. Pretty much mother nature has been wrecking havoc everywhere.

      • Yes. We were hitting 40C (102?F) for a bit there. Crazy hot and forest fires all around choking us. Tough summer.

      • Hopefully autumn will bring relief for all of us

  2. Yes, having had this experience once, in 1994. Then again, that time I had the flu, collapsed and woke up, three hours later, on the floor.

  3. simonfalk28 Says:

    Great poem and lesson too. Look after yourself.

  4. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Talk about getting inspiration from everything. Hope you are feeling better.

  5. Jaya Avendel Says:

    I love how you described fainting and what it means. You need to go low and your body will do it for you if you do not. Lovely.

  6. maansi Says:

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