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poem- woof August 26, 2018

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For National Dog Day



You jump onto the end of the bed

as I sit to remove my slippers.

Before I can lift the sheets,

you’re at home on my pillow.

You sneak a glance, to see

whether you will get to stay.

Sorry pup,

perhaps another day.




4 Responses to “poem- woof”

  1. Perfectly charming. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Woof.Woof.
    Last week there was international cat day. In India it is Sisters and Brothers day.

    I celebrate my brother Stephen and my cat Sylvester every day.

  3. deuxiemepeau Says:

    Too cute, adorable dog and poem

  4. viviennetaylor Says:

    My dog used to do this when there was a thunderstorm. I always let him of course. Lovely poem.

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