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quote- the world is high school August 22, 2018

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“Maybe it’s better to look stupid, but strong, than it is to look smart, but weak.  I don’t know.  I not sure that I want to believe that the world stage bears that strong a resemblance to high school.”

Jim Butcher in Turn Coat.


8 Responses to “quote- the world is high school”

  1. Sounds like my former job. Happy to say that I retired on August 16th leaving the place of insanity. Since then I’ve had the first decent sleep in ten years!

    • Sleep is good. 🙂 My husband retired in April from his government job and has not regretted it for a single moment since he walked out the door.

      • Amen to that. Congratulations to your husband for his retirement. I plan to chill for a while then I may get a part time job for extra money. I’m not yet 62 so I must wait to collect social security.
        I’m glad for free time and to get away from the horrible subway commute.

  2. I have retired once, found that I need to bide my time, though meaningfully, in a paraprofessional job at the High School level, and informally committed to two more years, after this one. Some think I need to leave work after this year, but they are not paying my bills- at this point.

  3. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    To me, it seems like every person I meet is some variation of someone I knew in high school, the jocks, the rich kids, the blue collar kids, the cheer leaders, the honour roll students and the ones who struggled to get by. Each with their own set of smarts.

  4. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Sorry I missed you at WWC but you were at the same time as the keynotes. I so enjoyed your poetry presentation in 2017.

  5. Fascinating quote. Many of the people I know who were nerds and geeks in high school have gone on to successful careers — often enough as owners of their own businesses or as executives. Sort of like mini-Bill Gates.

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