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poem-when? April 1, 2018

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Oh winter!

Release your tenacious grip!

Quit dripping this mix

of snow and rain,

that piles up in my yard.

It’s making me insane!

It’s April now, and white

should be from blossoms,

not snow falls; this isn’t right!

Oh, winter, we’re through with you here;

go visit the Southern hemisphere!


NaPoWriMo 2018 #1


20 Responses to “poem-when?”

  1. Sadah Says:

    This is lovely.

  2. lifecameos Says:

    Noooo !! the southern hemisphere does not want this constant snow !

  3. Snowing in New York city also.

  4. syl65 Says:

    Winter has a tighter grip this year.

  5. erbiage Says:

    Lol! oh this is fun! the equinox has come and gone, easter put to bed, colored eggs hatched. daffodil blooms yellow in the snow (not where the huskies go)

    • lol No signs of blossoms here, I’m afraid! 😦
      Almost all the snow was gone, just a swathe of about 5 feet wide, 6″ high in the back yard, and then in snowed an inch yesterday! APRIL 1st! Some April Fools. It’s mostly melted today, just that same swathe left. We’re back to school tomorrow, and perhaps it will be gone by morning?!

  6. Having seen snow on Mother’s Day, here in central Arizona, I totally feel your pain.

  7. spicejac Says:

    We in the Southern Hemisphere are ready for Winter – so send it down please!

  8. safoorahsayed Says:

    Nice one.

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