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poem-dancing with myself January 12, 2018

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 1:21 pm

I walk into music

pick up a beat,

meld my steps,

add a sashay, a little sway,

swing those hips,

tilt the lips,

I urge you from your seat,

dance out of the scene

find our rhythm,

Carry on.



9 Responses to “poem-dancing with myself”

  1. dancing out my office door…

  2. It’s beautiful whoever you are

  3. Go with your rhythm. Who, with a pulse, would not follow?

  4. mairi57 Says:

    Love this. Amazing blogsite🤗. I love poems. Thanks for the follow.

  5. mairi57 Says:

    Lovely poem. Loved watching my parents dancing. Thanks for the like😎

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