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poem-nudge December 6, 2017

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Of course.

I will.

I say it.

I mean it.



Remind me,

I say.

I mean it.

Of course,

I will.

I mean it.

I will.

Oh, right,

I forgot.




Sometimes, our good intentions get lost in our busyness!  How many times have I told people to remind me what I’ve agreed to do for them, because I will likely forget, despite my willingness?  I’ve got a memory like a sieve, despite my best intentions.  Does this happen to you, too?  How awkward is it to make the nudging calls or send the nudging message?  Will you nudge, or do you presume the person really doesn’t want to do it?  I worry people think I don’t mean it when I ask them to remind me.  



25 Responses to “poem-nudge”

  1. When I was a kid my Father said I had selective hearing.
    Now that I’m nearly 60 I have Selective Memory. I can remember TV shows, jingles and music from 50 years ago. I am The Human Jukebox! LOL!

    But I can’t remember peoples names. Even folks I see daily.

    I work evening and nights as a museum security guard. Back when I worked days I had memorized nearly every painting and most of the sculptures in my museum workplace which is a large building.

    I can remember artists and paintings from 500 years ago but not the names of living people.
    Go figure.

  2. As long as you don’t wink, the request for a nudge will be viewed as sincere.

  3. chris jensen Says:

    Hello Mrs. Bird…

    No your mind, has to be much better.. You ‘re not getting shock treatment too?

    Are you?

  4. Cyranny Says:

    Oh geez! You’re so not alone… I sometimes feel like a 5’4″ goldfish! Sometimes, like… Way too often 😉

  5. prior.. Says:

    and for some reason – the word that came to my mind – was “not”
    but such a fun poem S

  6. Amy Jo Fleming Says:

    Hi Shawn,
    I love your poems. Here is my response:

    Christmas Lunch

    Do lunch
    Before Christmas
    Of course
    I would
    Love to
    I want to
    We can
    Catch up
    Do lunch
    Before Christmas
    Filled with holiday spirit.
    But, I can just
    Fit in one appointment
    The restaurant
    Do Lunch
    Before Christmas
    Happy Holidays
    Snap, the office is closed
    Need to wait.
    Do Lunch
    Before Christmas
    Happy Holidays

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  8. It was fun reading this nudging piece of work. !!😄😄 Liked it a lot..
    I am new here. I have written a few poems. Please do give them a read. I hope you will like them. Please share your valued feedback.. 😀
    Keep up your work!! 😁

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