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sharing July 24, 2017

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Being A Girl: A Brief Personal History of Violence

I wonder how many women do not have these stories in their lives?  I suspect there are few if any.  We acknowledge these stories, but so rarely bother to stand up to them, because they are ubiquitous.  I am glad to see the light being shone on them and the label being attached.  Yes, these are assaults.  Yes, this is violence.  This is why some cultures are so protective of girls, but why, why, why can’t the blame be put entirely where it belongs- on the perpetrators of this violence?

Perhaps because that requires us to look at our own dark natures?

I was recently reading an article that talked about the passive label like “Violence against women” as if there is no agent acting.  Where does that violence come from?  Not the ether.  Let’s label the agents, not the objects of the action.



7 Responses to “sharing”

  1. Amen Sister! ♡ ☆
    I went through domestic violence with my Exe years ago and I actually had some women who I thought were friends tell me I did something to deserve violence. So one gets stigma from women and men.
    Society and the media fill the recovering women with guilt and shame. Maybe that’s why many women stay silent.

  2. Thank you for this post, Shawn. I entirely agree.

  3. Jim Stewart Says:

    Right on! Also: write on!

  4. Interesting perspective. Violence cannot occur without a perpetrator/s

  5. One great man recently made a similar statement. Yes, men have to take ownership of their attitudes and of their actions. I have said, many times, that I treasure women and girls. That statement has been, and will remain, backed up by action and attitude.

  6. excellent point, making “violence” as entity in and of itself, which also tends to make the situation an abstraction (easier to distance ourselves from the actual event)

  7. erbiage Says:

    its hard to look into those dark places. but so very necessary.

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