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poem- leavings July 15, 2017

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Reaching inside the chair

.     deep in the cushions

.     I am sliced by a workman’s

.     lost staple pack

.     sharp edges up.

.     It tears my flesh,

.     leaves my blood on the leather.

Sometimes, behind us

.     we leave words

.     meant for construction.


.     our leavings

.     bite.




9 Responses to “poem- leavings”

  1. DeniseBalog Says:

    Shawn, your words speak truth.

  2. Such a well=developed, apt analogy.

  3. Charley Says:

    I really like what this poem said without saying… if you follow. It is open to interpretation and that’s wonderful!

  4. Fabulous analogy- and words meant for one’s comfort, ought never destroy another, if both are innocent.

    • Yes. But only when one ‘presumes positive intent.’ Some people automatically presume they’re being attacked. There is a special maturity that knows everything isn’t about you and that advice from an elder is worth considering!

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