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poem-just when May 25, 2017

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Just when I think there’s been a change

Just when I think the brain’s been rearranged

Just when I think obstacles have been constrained

There’s a smash, crashing return to the old

The opening petals refuse to unfold

The rebirthing story will not be told

Just when I imagine, my hope’s short-changed.

Reality is bitterly cold.

My expectations are really what’s strange.


6 Responses to “poem-just when”

  1. Simon Says:

    I have the same issue with my expectations lol

  2. jackcollier7 Says:

    I think this is a brilliant poem. Kudos ❤

  3. colonialist Says:

    Would you be like Pip if your Great Expectations come to fruition but turn out to be from a source other than you had imagined? 🙂

  4. Your expectations and your reality need to sit down and have a serious tete-a-tete.

  5. Bibishan Says:

    The next turn is always a twist 😀

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