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poem- watcher April 18, 2017

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I pass the old man

on his balcony.

Huge sunglasses

through which he watches

like a

diurnal owl;

the world unfolds below him.


Just like my dad liked to sit.

I don’t wipe away

my tear.


10 Responses to “poem- watcher”

  1. Jim Stewart Says:

    Hi Shawn…

    When I click a link in the email, I’m directed to a page that says “” domain has expired. Happened on the last post, too.

    Jim Stewart

  2. res1der Says:

    Nice poem, Shawn. I like the association of the old man and your father.

  3. rivrvlogr Says:

    Embrace these moments.

  4. Oh, those triggers. Every woman who looked like my Penny was, for a couple of years, a trigger for grief. The ebb and flow is natural, though, and the watchful spirit knows your love will never end.

  5. I love this! Makes me think of my own dad…
    Thought I already followed you but seems to have been disconnected. Am re-following! Thanks for the recent visit to my blog.

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