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poem- action awaiting November 6, 2016

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lights and cameras

Faces gleaming

Feet leaping

Treading the boards

Anticipating an audience

All voices calibrated

to the deaf grandma in the back row.

Adrenaline rushes.






I’m in Shuswap Theatre’s production of Mary Poppins.  I’m Miss Lark and (in an amusing bit of type-casting) The Bird Woman.  Our curtain rises in 19 days, but we’re already sold out.  It’s been brilliant watching it all come together. Now the run-throughs begin: we’re counting down!



8 Responses to “poem- action awaiting”

  1. colonialist Says:

    You auditioned just for a Lark? The role is obviously for the Birds. 🙂
    (There has to be SOMEONE to make such obvious wisecracks.)
    Congratulations! Wish I could see the show.

  2. It takes a lot of courage to get up on stage- at least for me it would.

    • I’ve been on the stage since I was 4. I don’t have significant stage fright or anything. Just the rush as you step. Mind you, singing a solo is slightly more terrifying than choral singing, dancing, or acting. 🙂

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