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Quote- Make Time October 11, 2016

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Writing is done in the time we make, not the time we find.

~Amy Sue Nathan

(Writer’s Workbook, Writer’s Digest. 2016)


I teach my students that writing isn’t about inspiration, it’s about sitting down and doing.  I often have no idea what I’m going to put on a page until I sit down with the intent to get 500 words today, or whatever.  Then I’ll hear the voice of a character, tune in, and record the conversation.   Identifying even snippets of time to focus on writing makes a difference.  Sometimes those are otherwise lost moments, that become significant because of the writing that happened in those moments.

What do you think?  Do you find time or make time for your writing?


13 Responses to “Quote- Make Time”

  1. Yeah, man. It’s like that.

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    Both find and make for me. Primarily, it’s making sure my butt in in the chair. But I also carry a little notebook that fits in my pocket. That would be the finding part.

  3. I make the time for my blogs, and will make the time to go over my collected poems, as the basis for a small anthology, that will be my fledgling self-publishing effort.

  4. syl65 Says:

    I make the time for writing to keep my thoughts flowing and fresh. Thanks, Shawn!

  5. magicpoet01 Says:

    Any woman writer must steel herself to fight for time to write. I write anywhere – so always have a writing book and pen with you – yes I like to write and edit work on the computer. Trying to write each day is a great habit and I doubt there are few days when I have written nothing at all. I am stimulated to write by just about anything: newspaper/ magazine article (love those crazy weird little stories & deep analytical stories about placesz & people); painting / art work; the weather; the season; death; love; sex …just write

    • Ah– this reminds me of the novel Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. Stargirl tells Leo how she LOVES newspaper fillers, because they reveal so much about the community and give her ideas about how to surprise them.

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