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poem- seeds September 10, 2016

Filed under: Poetry — Shawn L. Bird @ 11:56 am

A phrase here

A phrase there

peppered in conversation

on the page of a book

or a passing bus ad


in the fertile soil of imagination

A story roots

and grows

releases seeds of its own.


13 Responses to “poem- seeds”

  1. One never knows when a word will unleash oceans of thought.

  2. Hawksword Says:

    I am in need of a seed that will root. All mine falling on barren soil right now.

  3. erbiage Says:

    Give them what they need, and let them go
    look on them with wonder, for this is a miracle

  4. […] reed about Seed, specifically Shawn Poem Seeds which then led me to this:  Seed Pods which is a blog by a sculptor.  Now as a general rule i […]

  5. Rusty Says:


    Anxiously, I laugh as I fill this hefty, blank
    page with raging letters, covertly forming
    words that spill through the warp and weft
    of interwoven ink, staining the remaining
    page with sounds (soft or shrill)
    and fury (frenetic or still)
    that aesthetically wrap around
    the nascent poetic paragraph.

    Rusty Taylor
    December 14, 2008

  6. colonialist Says:

    They can lead to brilliant poetry or prose, or if the seeds are of weeds, to gossip …

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